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Bioenergetic Basics

Bioenergetic Basics: Introducing the Core Concepts and Basic Techniques of Bioenergetic Therapy in 6 full day sessions. This workshop series is designed to give professionals in the healthcare field some basic functional knowledge of Bioenergetics through lecture, demonstration, and experiential processes.

  • What is body-psychotherapy? How does this help my clients more than talking?
  • What does a session look like? Is it mindfulness? Yoga?
  • What can I learn about myself and my clients using bioenergetics?

All your questions can be answered! Welcome to our six-session series of weekend workshops for counselors, social workers, psychologists, psychotherapists, mental health therapists.

In these sessions, you’ll learn how a bioenergetics body-oriented approach to working with clients can enrich your practice and enliven your sessions. You’ll develop knowledge about bioenergetic methods and gain personal experience in exploring how body-based therapy works.

All sessions are facilitated by certified bioenergetic therapists (CBT), and may be eligible for continuing education units. Contact your local facilitator for further information and to register.

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