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Training in Bioenergetic Analysis is offered by Nanziba member organizations. Please contact the member organizations listed on this site directly for specific information about current training programs in Bioenergetic Analytic Therapy. The Nanziba member organizations offer training in the curriculum approved by the International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis and leading to Certification as a Bioenergetic Therapist (CBT).

What to Expect

The training programs consist of two phases: pre-clinical and clinical, usually completed over four years. Training is generally taught intensively over about 20 days/year – divided into eight to ten training weekends per year with six hours of training each day. Training is highly experiential, and includes didactic work with reading and writing assignments as well. While the specifics of the training programs vary slightly for each society, all training in Bioenergetic Analysis offered by Nanziba member organizations is conducted under the direct supervision and following the requirements of the International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis.


Due to the highly developed skill set required to be an effective Bioenergetic Therapist, a strong value is placed on therapist self-awareness and self-understanding. Along with the in-depth clinical training, personal individual Bioenergetic psychotherapy and clinical supervision with an approved Bioenergetic supervisor are required to become certified as a Bioenergetic Therapist.

"The Bioenergetic training program was a game changer for how I practice and a life changer for me personally. The depth and complexity of human development and trauma experience which was explored and taught in this program has set me apart from colleagues. Fellow clinicians now seek me out for supervision of body-based psychodynamic treatment. I am assisting my clients in growing in profound ways that words cannot explain. And because the program has such a strong experiential component, I have grown and developed as a person in a way that I have deep comfort, confidence, and peace with myself as therapist."

-Ann C. of Michigan